About Tifanja

Tifanja offers a wide variety of apparel design and production solutions for emerging and established brands. We manage our brands free from the traditional retail model and primarily distribute our products online as well as direct to consumers through drop ship programs.

We bring a unique approach to quality and efficiency while keeping things simple. Whether a company is looking to design its next collection, improve the quality of its product, migrate its production offshore, or simply develop t-shirts for a promotional campaign; Tifanja has a solution available.

Tifanja provides a sophisticated, secure, and quality driven apparel production experience for each client. We have already identified and established relationships with companies and people we trust and know are reliable.

Tifanja doesn’t only develop your brand we Sell your product.  Our agency has teamed up with big box retailers to sell your products online and in stores.  You will be boosting your sales with our supply network and premium product content. We drop ship apparel for the largest retailers online.Tifanja is a leading provider of end-to-end e-commerce services headquartered in Dayton,Ohio. As a single-source provider, Tifanja enables clients to focus on one consistent partner relationship dedicated to protecting and building your brand, and online revenues.

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